Winter Sports

It takes a rugged individual to truly appreciate winter, but it takes something more to embrace the season full-heartedly. Snow is the uniting force that joins winter enthusiasts in their cold conquests through the wild. Navigating through winter uphill or down, let First Trax hook you up with the proper gear.


Free ski, free heel and maybe even free lunch, we have you covered. Specialized slaloms or all-mountain machines can change the game, depending on the day and the person. First Trax will find it, whether you are looking for another addition to your arsenal or your first pair of skis.


Knuckle drags off a booter or tips up on a pow day, we can help you stand sideways the way you like. Current boards span a wide variety of riding styles from loose and laid back to highly responsive and aggressive. Stop in to find your fit.


The adventure is in the journey and the journey is in the snowshoe. Take a serene stroll as the ground crunches underfoot, adding to nature’s sights and sounds on a crisp winter day, or trudge beyond lift access fighting muscle burn through the backcountry to drop an unmarked line. Come check out our snowshoe collection.

What’s your sport?